• Yemen Humanitarian Periodic Monitoring Review, January - April 2017 This Periodic Monitoring Report (PMR) presents information on the evolving humanitarian situation in Yemen and the accomplishments by the humanitarian community against 2017 humanitarian targets and objectives for the January to April 2017 period. It builds on information that is collected monthly to monitor progress against agreed upon objectives and targets. It also presents key conclusions and recommendations for the humanitarian community and partners to consider. More>>
  • Yemenis and Qāt: A Game of Cat and Mouse Over the past 20 years, the qāt trade has become the most successful trade in Aden. Every day, thousands of women and men flock to the streets and into the qāt markets to buy the intoxicating herb More>>
  • The Queen of Sheba: The Virgin Mother and King Solomons Lover The Queen of Sheba: the myth that regenerates with every epoch. The story of the Queen of Sheba inspired the people of Yemen to tell their own traditional tale. Her tale was recounted in some detail in the Old Testament of the Bible, focusing on her sensational rendezvous with the Prophet Solomon. She was mentioned in the Quran in Surat An-Naml. The Queen also inspired the people of Ethiopia in the Middle Ages through a renewed myth, differing from those told before. Throughout history, they considered the son she bore from Solomon to be the forefather of the Ethiopian kings. More>>
  • UNICEF airlifts lifesaving supplies to Yemen to combat cholera Three UNICEF charter planes have delivered 36 tonnes of lifesaving medical and water purification supplies to Yemen to scale up efforts to combat the worlds worst cholera outbreak More>>
  • She May Be The Most Unstoppable Scientist In The World A Yemeni female scientist (Iqbal Douqan) may be the most unstoppable scientist in the world, according to the US newspaper WBUR More>>

Research on Gender Justice, Conflict and Fragility in the Middle East and North Africa

Oxfam Great Britain commissioned International Alert to undertake a study that examines the impact of fragility and conflict on gender justice and womens rights in the Middle East and North Africa

Ramadan in Yemen: Fasting by day, starving by night

The holy month has been tarnished in war-torn Yemen, where 17 million people are staring at famine.
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